My Son’s Name is “You”

My son’s name is “You”

I find myself pacing throughout evenings

All thumbs upon the deck
The flag flies in the freedom, skies
Looks down below
Circulating it’s denizens in nights, all aglow
I pencil down with me a dreadful score
Upon the board, for 22, O2 got away from me
We made babies in the night
Tinkered together odds and ends creating freakin Einstein franken full kids complete with Kung fu grip action and eye patches, we built them with toys, we built them with games, we built them with love without care for our gains, we thought up a “you” and it’s happening, it’s happening right there on the table the “you” springs to life! It cannot be bothered with joy yet nor strife “you” have places to go and people to see, and if I’m lucky enough, well it just might be me, “you” taught yourself piano, guitar and much more, you’ve taught yourself pig Latin and getting up off the floor,  you’re learning such tricks, you’re unlike any other, your mischief’s have fooled me and surprised your own mother, it’s true, wonder what someday your children will do.  I know that you’re mad but I thought that just maybe we could settle things just like in the old days when we could just laugh  it off and learn our lessons daily.  I’ll see you off now, to school  here in a moment or two, but just wait a minute will ya?  Our time together means a lot, so I love you, son, we’ll see ya.
And off the auto-ma-ton goes and goes and goes further
And I look in the eyes of my tinkering lady
We made him really good, didn’t we baby?
She smiles with her devil lips, laugh, whispers “maybe.” 🙂

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