Eschew the Jargon Chewer

Good morning Vietnam
I was a woman chased by wolves in a Mormon Outback
Nix that, I slept in dirty laundry bags to save my life
Food fodder for polar bears, out on that wide blue yonder I’ve taken a liking to bare feet. Standing, the table supports grass roots at the grassroots level. Bled in smiles I turned my grin to another thing, upside down frown Grommit over here, the third Sun of Hoggle, he shot up like a bean pole and transfixed his stares on the lonely adventure of killing faeries, tall goblin’s never quite dig it, the fact that they’re fae, nay our rustic fellow salutes straight with one arm, turns away. But deep inside this neo ogre child, is a pony, a dream of the gift ungiven, dreams unicorn things shoot through stars like rainbows, he’s given up the heavens to dwell in his link to the past, couldn’t get out of twilight, wolf rider isn’t that fast, couldn’t even nip my heels so I bucked him something wilder the goonie can’t tell he’s been riled by a riler, fit like a cherry tree, face in the pizza, couldn’t get up the boys kept on kickin’ ’em, this rude attitude has got one thing wrong with it, it ain’t him, little feller, he just act like he know Allah, it – don’t mean he’s not thorny and pride he’s got a real deal that’s mixed up inside, keep it all down just to keep the wall up, know one’d guess that Roy Cohn was a pup, bubblin’ up and bubblin’ up, bubblin’ up and bubblin’ up. Kawinky-dink this skinny marink he think he got knowledge ’cause he got outta college, little boy in the neighborhood couldn’t speak right cause ain’t got speech tight. Little thing quivers and shivers in a bed as he lay like old salad fingers, set alarm for alarm but he get at that snooze bet when it’s late boy gonna bust a move. Unpacks his slacks and skinny jeans he rolls on by lookin’ fresh and clean, clean cut mean guts gotsta see the dean, cause he’s climbin’ some ladders just to see the view, don’t care what he knocks off even me and you, it must be true, his friends is few, they would eschew him he should be brewin’ friendly food and stepping’ to and meeting’ me and you- halfway- shaking out palms with them big dreams gotta meet somebody gotta gotta please somebody, smiles around him turn sourin’ nobody wants it lest they get that sweet too, lemonade sucker don’t nobody want a stucker in the mud with big shit sandwich caught you with his bull now he’s gonna hatch his plan, which incidentally happens to be all about me- well I gotta scheme that’s gonna quicken up right, gonna flow the river down the heart of our hudsuckin’ funny, gonna fix him up right between our kneeses, always tissue hand him, bless him when he sneezes, good old lolly poppin’ guild pop his collars, and we’ll spot him when he runout of his dollars, so back in the mind of our little henchmen the sign of a friendship will be kinda hurtin’ him and his heart’ll grow some sizes just exactly when our boy realizes, we ain’t give a shit about the shit he’s spittin’ and he’ll thank us all later, and I really mean some later, it’ll take time for this gator to be getting at the friendly fat we put all around his lairs. But he’ll thank us nice and clean when one night he’s crying’ over boys and work and sealing wax and life
He’ll thank us for our kindness and that we’ve been great friends then we’ll feast on him my precious and the soul he’s found within.


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