Rock All

Rock on Rock All

This Raquel welshes my dreamscape and fills my mind up with minutes made hourly desperately seeking this waysided Susan, “wherefore art thou way faring way farer?” she whispers to me from beyond.

“I know not my love.” And dream on in silent solicitude.

Oh how she knows of my love in such diminutive ways, the lazy says I heartbroke outta dodge and a San Quentin Alcatraz Jazz rap Rick -A-Rollin’ a Rock Life Sentence of happiness in underground railways. Trailways leading to a stony bed, sit, layin’ stoned to death in a damsel’d kind of loneliness. The only one is staying for me, swearing me off for fear I might be made out of loveliness like her, for her, but sure it’s gotta be timed right and I lost my watch in a death match with self destruction, beat ’em up good but ‘e got me time piece innit too, didn’t know what to do, I high tailed it for a fake dream of a false life telling truth like lies. Now I’m stranded and branded by an open road that don’t make no home, I wish for days when I would wander through the threshold and hold up in my arms the finest damn dame I e’er did dare ta date.

Damn it, I’m in a cryptic kind of solitude, and I’m fixin’ on some oh yo’ verisimilitude to show some magnificent magnanimousitude towards one historically rude dude. Too much to ask, true. I’m caught up in a life worth living, feeling the aortal abscess, absence bearing the very shape of you. I can’t cry out loud enough “Raakel!” without the need to criticize and questionify, to double doubt and double daring myself into further escapades, bringing me further, and further away from what once was my home, my heart.


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