The City of Feeding Hearts


I left my heart in New York City

I thought myself a diver

and the city the diving board

to spring me into a world of wonder

but now I wonder, what in the world-

is going on in New York City?

In the City-  a flower

bloomed within my hands

opened up- into a Woman!

Wilted though- when I left,

the garden is bare from tears we shed,

not so long ago.


There is a grumbling in the City

of beasts that fight over bits of meat

and when one falls, it is the next meal to fight over

I never fought for food,

but… I’m finding the fight in me…


Do not wilt my flower, I cry so when e’er you do.

Do not cry my flower, else I’ll wilt from salt tears too.


The Beast in me bets on bits by the by

and nibbles what other beasts don’t spy

it bites and scratch and scream all night

it goes for the throw, all the tails we know.


I’m hungry for the City Hunger, it burns like a challenge inside of me

measure up and dig in and go big or get out and go home

the beasts all sidle up, shoulder to shoulder

they never let anything through.

I walk through, under legs,

my flower- my heart,

is there- all alone




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