Sir Robert the Bruce

once made, simply, the loveliest juice
’twas in color chartreuse
And to up it in spruce,
He glittered it
with flecks of puce,
Calling a truce
Betwixt the moose
And her noose
This loose goose
Got wild and Janey
Like a deckah cahrds
In a 52 pick-up kinda rainy
Splattered over the windowsill, counter
Mantel pieces pitter patter
Like children’s feet, butter wings flying, flapping, flapper and flatter
Heart all a titter
What’s wrong wit her
She blows noses in roses
Like Moses’s toes is supposing erroneously
That today is the day she won’t spill at all matter o’ factedly
But she’s wrong in the groove she got them vibes
That throw the needle off in record time
She’s got this effervescent wetness of being
When in the mood with heavy pets she goes about bears, petting
Quite forgetting that the cubs she’s letting the setting saunter on, will engulf her savagely whole mouthedly body and mind
The kind of brain touching one wants a two hand touch down victory dance in the arms of a fellow playa
Beware the frumious frothy forgetter let her set her wet bedder for better weather
We said our goodbye sent ourselves packing into the night in the arms of a hawk and her boyfriend they cried “Set” the name of the end of day, who wills away light, flying over a Salty lake state murmurs whoas and gasps at crags and cracks in the dead earth the mountains rise streams of salt crash down through the hills into Terrestrian wounds stings and stings until the scar surfaces hands in mine to feel the vibe she’s gone to Dot her way through a Mother moon, boys bat their eyes in silence wings to flutter on the wind I could go on in a Degobagan nightmare enswamp myself with dire dreams of depressing demensions demented by my own demeantors demoning about door to door in the hallway of my dreariness, it’s what I do. But I’ll refrain.
My sister says think’s she’s a cutie patootie, hot shit as they say in the north, where poop steam heats the winter air, but I need your love to keep away the cold. I’ll keep on my love ballad megamix tape record and beat a horse to death with breath upon breath of everlasting moonbeam inspirations, dulcineaing the flame and there seems to be a laughing smile this vanishing lady leaves behind to whisper incantations in my ear.


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