Why Ask Why?


Was there ever arms like hers?

Had someone truly ever held me?

And held me, and held me, and held me.

Or is it so and they fade away,

and I’m left cold from mere yesterday?

Or did none other

have such a grasp

on who I was, and what I wanted

than she?

Why ask why?

Why ask why?

It will only hurt awhile, a little while.

Why ask why?

Why ask why?

When it’s time to smile, smile, smile.

When you’re in show biz and the chips are down

you’d better turn that frown upside down

or you’re out kid

you’re out kid

you’d better get in

or get out kid!

So why ask why won’t your heart beat right

why ask why you can’t go, go, go, go, go out tonight

And then, when you’re eyes have all dried

you’ll still be wondering why!?  Why!?  Why!?

And still you won’t know,

which way should you go?

So why ask why when you’re heart starts to throb, and your head starts to hurt and your face starts to ache and your knees just won’t work, can’t get out of the bed, and your feet feel like lead, your nose is all runny and stomach feels funny, you just can’t keep anything down!

So WHY ASK my friend

ASK WHY my friend




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