Blind Writing #2


In the darkness of everybody’s life

I’m herein the darnknesss


and you can’t seem to expect the things that come outat youin thedarkness.  So burning in the fireplace

is alife.


finding the keys to the care to the car is inevitable, andyet there is always finding that is an act carried out through time, and time again, as though time were but a moment and there that were all.   Perhapms perhaps.  Who can say.\I’ve unleashedso many thoughts unti unto myself. Utnot unto others, when we will I stand penitent

; When will the judgement day come for me to cast me out of eden

; i cannot worry about such things for now, for now i I am in Eden.  The life is Eden, the life of Eden is not withoutcomplication, but it is a night without without, nothing.  There is fllness ineach things thing espectation matters not and is distant in the minds of those who do.  I am in Eden and only I seem to realize that I am living the life, and as each Adam and Even that I speak to, eavh of them turn away in scorn, inguilt that hey have tasted forbidden fruit, . And I an eater of fruits nevert never t never forbid myself,  if they wre forbidden by another I saw no reason why and tasted of my own accord which fruits I deemed worthy of my palate  palet.   I struck each with the divine sensation to clear my own decks in hoest truth, forssoth, in pursuit of truth I abandoned all logic and announced my shamells shameful fhame that I was indeed without any shame at all, for I thought not to shame myself nor anyone not hwholy deserving of shame and then even there thought on’t and thought on’t that I  was none to judge upon upon’t.  So judge not I the affairs of men for I am not a judge.  I am a humble looking glass a looking lass to look upon and see thyself a born ‘thout scorn.


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