Thank Heavens

I’ve allowed myself to have a good time
I wouldn’t have had any
If I hadn’t let myself go
Throwing caution to the wind
I breathe in a little larceny
There’s a bit of it in all of us.
I’d like to thank the academy for expelling me from there ranks
Without which I would have gone on to be a scholar of some scholarly repute and ends my days in a haze of books and bibles, papers and paperwork. My life is not a paperwork- it is a stream of conscious endeavors, I am not here for your enjoyment, I am here for mine, i am here to bear witness to the world and report back each and every find
I am not here to perform for you
I am here to perform
There isn’t one of you in me but me in every one of you
I am the grace male met along fine lines
I am the grace male you won’t allow, society
I am the forgotten child of woman and man
The parts equal though I cast my vote to one side
I am side less peerless a middle gender engendered in the bod of man I have no name but my own, no nature pains me all it’s own, save nature itself for I am her amber child


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