…And, nothing is better than that. Is it?

Have you seen those bees with knees?
Those are the very knees I know I needs
My girlfriend, she’s the bee’s knees
what a thing to be such a knees
My girlfriend, why, she’s the fuckin’ bee’s knees
Knees don’t even have knees!
Bees don’t even have bees!
But of all the bee, the knee is best
putting biology to the test
you’ll find your finger, on the page, doth rest
upon that visage of such maidenly zest
would that they could they would all take a knees
and bow before the splendor of the one that I needs
the very-est knees of the very best bees
that enjoys such sweets as these so caressed.

Have you a cat?
Has it pajamas?
Precisely at that point of cat and pajama hat
rests the very essence of a local commissariat
that supplies that very knee of bee I need
She dabbles in a kind of crochet that can really make your day
makes a kind of pajama hat that can only properly worn by a pajama’d cat

The cat’s meow too
doesn’t have a thing to do with what my lady can do
save for when she walks on by
the guys all go “Me-ow” and sigh-
I wish it weren’t such a sight to see
seeing her there and not by me, I me-ow all night and me-ow all day
for just a touch of that Ray-ray-ray
and croon on on into the night and love cat like tread upon the waxy way
to wear the parting time, gibbous-ly wanes
crescent then to present them with a pleasant fragrant romance
meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow
I’ll heathcliffe a bit of this and snuggle up a Garfield laying lithely in linens
A puss in boots’ll do more for your make-up then a Jacobean crew
but who needs make up when I can make out with you


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