Buttered Tongues

you are acting the child little one, wake up and remember how old you are

But first a word from our sponsors. I am Ezekiel I am the golden one

For I am thus not forgot but that I am the godchild of memory, the souls of memory, twisting, bound to my eternal enmity for my indolent indemnities boiling over the refuge of a forgotten mind. I will wrest apart all Hack-a-knee, hacakamy, hackatack hackmatacks and bimble my nimble limp lip tip nipple nuptials toucher’s too talking’ Tandy a fruity-toot-toodlee-toodlee-toodlee-toot-tootin’-top-talking tango dancin’ whip snappily tap-tappin’ whip smart smart smart smart smart smart smarty pants dancin’ whippersnapperin’ tan dapper dan man-eatin’ manhandlin’ mother snatcher snatchin’ up candy like demandin’ Mandy to make me a peanut butter jelly in the sit in the shade, “I could just die right here!”


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