“We haven’t even covered the topic of ____________ yet.”

Glam rock is not dead
In a carnival nightmare
Players play in Queens
And dreams mad Mab into plays
The ways of Kings are not for common men to know
Calling out “Loudly!” in the night
It is a rivers dance in Jane Austen forming to line
down the row
And the swingers all go round about you
And send you flipping head to toe
You’re a mightmare Malicaster
A malifiscent mumble beam
A Malaca Mubbaconustrutes
That mickles my matter mean
Fat hatter gat her
Quick Willy once sat here
Got him in the alley
With a goose bat, Sally
Mr. Quick, quick!
Some little dick went and wet her, and set her straight
Cause he’s just the first date
And a brother don’t drank on his hate orate
For a life of your mate equivocates fine tastes of pates

Lick’em like a lollipop should be licked

And you buy a box sayin’ Quicken
When you wanna get some chicken
And you don’t give a Frick-IN!
Just Abe Lincoln
Fixin’ on a lickin’
Give him a bag tricks, HIM!
Look, listen
Boy you gotta fit your clit in
To your gameplan
Man, you gotta have a gameplan
I mean a master’s gotta have his masterplan, man!?
You know what I’m sayin’ you don’t gotta be Wes Craven
To think up a tactic to keep ’em geriatric gotta get ’em swingin’ tantric
In a fiscal rum tumble
With a lick-ya-daddy swaggle
A frisky butt smuggler
Who can get you kinda ugl’er (as in uglier)
A jam band and your tan is looking rather bandstand
let’s grandstand for your enemies and cut off your wages
Bandage your eyes blindfolded live by the ocular shiv kiss of hungry hungry dungarees. Hippopotamus gotta Miss and chopped us up a ton of these subtly honey bee bumblebees. You can’t quite tell if they’re the pollinatin’ kind to be humbly hobbling honey pots o’ pollen to the princess and prince bee for a honeymoon night and after a long high noon honey day, when the boys fought mid-flight to honeydog fight. They combated in the skies for hours until one victor remained- With his HoneyBeedrill His Honeyness Hamba Bamba won the hand of Her Humblestness, Her Honey Comb-comeliest, Hive-Alia Everborn of Ever Tree.
There, mid flight whilst
Holding her jello Queen Cream
She readies for her mate to cork her
If the cork stays, she will give life
To over a thousand children during her lifespan
If it does not the old queen will remain a queen
Until a hoard of suitors are ready for another tourney
The prize: the throne, father to all of the new hive, the greatest (not to mention the “only”) sex of your life, and just as you give your last in some divine act of ejaculation she is plugged, corked. Only when you pull away at last from your new royal bride do you find your genitals are that very plug and remain well inside of her, your genitals gone, you bleed to death. But your genes will remain forever embedded in those bees and their descendants. A knowledge that there was at least once, some really great bee sex.


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