“A wonder letting her go was wonderful.”

That’s when I walked to the other room
Died in that lonely gloom
My face washed away like the drain in the park
Flooded by my contemporaries
Compliments flowed from mouth by the river
I was overtly over myself, overly so
I had just misguided my own principles
In a disastrous display of my own making
Rendered in the pink in 3D
I was running full tilt into the windmills of my despair
And what has brought me back but the remnants
Of my own selfhood my own actuality
Something had reminded me of a space and time
That danced up the river mouth in a gumptious lick of the fingertips
a sultry kissing the lips had left behind on mankind
A lipstick stain reminds, remains
Remains remind the heart, the mind,
Singeing my papers, my books, my many things
My relief was apparent
On my face it began to cry dragon tears
Which, as we all know, turn gnomes into jelly beans
And corner tables into magpie pies
Writing Desk Raven lullabies
Lullabye called softly to The Woodland Trees, their people, and fae folk
His call fell on deaf ears for deaf are trees, they have no ears to hear
yet they keep secrets.


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