Potent dreams last in a woman’s arms
An electric storm pervaded
Across my brainwaves I slept and dreamt
And dreamt
And dreamt again
And in each dream a new dream unfolded
I was contacted last night
Among the déjà vu
Among the fear
and the excitement
I was unmasked
And revealed to be the true hero
Of my dreams
The true hero- of my own life
And my enemies trembled before me
And turned to dust in my grip
I was the brain child of a 1980’s cult sci fi noir thriller
A fringoid film of pink and black
An Akira mother
As I rode out upon laser beams and platforms of light
I rode out over the Ridgebacks
In a retinue of hipsters and occupiers
Fledglings and unkept youth
We smoked the finest weed in bars
Tipped off by a comrade we fled the police
The Ridgebacks waiting for our descent
An army of angels flew down the mountainside
Bicycles descended with the grace of extra terrestrials
And landed frightened and excited at the hilltop below
A school, a new refuge for our occupation, our crimes
In the eyes of enforcers of laws made by men unseen
A scent or a hint, a trigger feeling fluxed inside me
Alarmed my crew yet surrounded
flight was no longer an option
A boy steps out to battle
Moves with water in his bones
I match water with wind in my hair
Send her a smiley face
Bitches love smiley faces
“who are you?” she asks
Was I wearing this mask
This helmet reflecting
Was I the Knight of Mirrors?
I hold up the peices of an identity I hadn’t known I’d had
The police push in but turn to dust before me
What remains in my hands is a callow suit
Skinny, and mean with his hair all messed up
“send a cat to catch a cat. But i’m not a cat, they’ve sent the wrong tool. You should learn your histories.”
In the library we are all learning.
I awake and am still dreaming.
I take a picture of a mother, she isn’t attractive
But i take it all the same as she’s falling out of her chair,
Reaching for her misbehaved kids, just out of reach
She never falls, falling, she is beside me and wordless hands me a business card. The words are blurry.
In the wake world-
I tell the woman in my arms I had a dream.
In the wake world-
I ask the woman in my arms if I told her about my dream
No she answers
I am still asleep
I am awake
In the wake world-
I tell the woman in my arms I have-
Hold on, “I am still dreaming” I say.
The suit approaches me, he is different
But I know he is the same suit
He asks how i got the card
Who gave it to me?
The card is important I read from his inquiry
I hold a thumb over all but one word at a time
So as to make out each word alone
Minor section
And below is a name
I cannot tell. But I think I read the name Gregor.
In the waking world-
I tell the woman in my arms about my dream
As the dream fades
And still the dream is around me
A light twinkling, no a glimmer has been cast about me
I know nothing for sure
Except for this- I have been contacted this night.
By man or beast I know not
I have been alerted, informed, touched, there is not the word
I have been contacted
By myself, another self or something beyond imagination
Beyond the borders and fabric of my space time
The Other
The Other is there and it wants to let me out.


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