A NEWDiction

And now a short NEWDictionary of Slang to be coveted, used awkwardly though self assuredly, and finally scoffed at once it becomes cool, by then hipster Thomas Riddle and finally by the wizard formerly known as “he who shall be not be named”

-Approval of talent, style, skill or successfully completing an action or function.
-exclamation of success usually referring to oneself.
-Not always noteworthy success, but praise regardless for any success whether large or small, one’s own or another’s.
As in:
After crunching out the numbers in your head without the check notepad, you finally, having finished the total pre-tax addition problem, before pressing the tax+ button, emit a single beautiful word “finesse” at your

-Disapproval, public shaming, disgust.
-Unhealthy, unhygenic, malnourished, dingy, disasterous.
-Natural exclamation and/or aversion to the unnatural or any of the above. ”she took of her pants and I was all like… goo… it was all bad, man, downstairs you know?”.

Other new phrases include:
“Oh I’m absolutely french-tickled!”
“I’ve been tingled!”
“Dusty Forrester”
“Her damsel’s white garments”
“My tax dollars!” (in the same vein as “My Ass!” or “Bullshit!”)
“Your mother was an Auntish Crab Finger”
“The Arabian Double Head”
“The Twilit”
“She got Vampire-Weekended” (As in, she is a fan, devotee or believer of utter bullshit)
“Oh, my, Rottweiler God got dinglebearied!” (originally what it sounds like, contemporaneously: exclamation of shock, see also “my god got dingled”)
“Mouth Politics”
“I’d rather be reading 1984”
“Pustular piss”
“Angry Giants”
“Proud Patty Cherry Popper” (One whom relishes in de-virginizing virgins)
“A sailor mate”
“a gruff buddy”
“A tummy nuzzler” (usually kittens)
“Cod dweller” (vulgar, penis)
“Mungtuckling Mandweller” (Vulgar Vulva)
“Vulgar Vulva” (vuvuzela)
“Thumsuckling nitty nobber”
“Vuvuzela” (unspeakable terror, shame. Alternatively, peeing the bed.)
“Neither do Comedians”
“You see how I did that? Comedy always comes full circle.”
“First Circle” (as in “nah dude, I can’t go out tonight, I gotta First Circle in the morning.” alternatively “I’m totally gonna First Circle his ass.”)
“A Right Rounded Republipolitan.” (as in “she’s a right rounded republipolitan. She voted Nader.”)
“A Trampy Damp Douser.” (one skilled in finding/acquiring free drinks)
“Trampy” (usually, and most politely used as an exclamation of approval of hot, dirty older women, classically slutty sugar mommas, loose barmaiden or MILFish cugars.)


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