Inappropriate Nonsense

Sleepy time, sleepy time
Time to go camomile a melatonin microbrewin’ megabusload of mediaphiles
Jack it to a pipsqueak caught under bed frames
Under cover friendly fire
Back coats and turn coats red coats and burnt notes to yourself from a future past in the mind of a hogswallop slow dancing lullaby bruising badly beaters beat her sisters from two misters for getting two black eyes cherry popped pit against a pooh bear honey jarring bumblebee bar hoppin’ preening poon tang pie roger roger is quite the character, clearance Clarence I built that fence their but they don’t call me Patty the fence builder do they now? It takes me all the way back to get home homeward bound dogs and cats art Garfunkeled my my Simon Paul pats even Steven cats got me ‘n’ Betty a page in the newspaper, put out the word the wedding is over after Tyler Durden died a rough death my the tuffest of red necking ruff ryders they rollin’ they hatin’ they keep on riding dirty hogs through a mud train a mudvayne to a cos syn co-sign my loans daddy I’m killin’ putinnany and my girly she shakes her fanny in my big dippin’ Danny coz
I got my cuz plenty in the can- doing’ high fives for Turk jives eiffels dudes lewdly while some other nudes rudely go and donkey punch a ditch five roller punk roller derbies for an elbow in her jersey just to make ’em hot just for a quicky chicky fist fight down on the green she’s gettin’ low and gettin’ all the daddy’s up prayin’ for a shirt rip right or that gurly with her shirt worn tight to belly up and finagle us a crispy creamy bagel on the derby floor know what it’s for but she don’t care now she’s in the midst of it better it be for the hell of it give ’em all just a smell of it.


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