Connect L’amour

What I mean to say is that:

you’re a hip cat

a groody bit malchickiwick

all real horror show like

you’re the kind of hip hoppin’

hippopotamus does a wip woppin’ fandangle

dancin’ a jig in an untangl-y

spiderweb of spider dreams

shoots through the roof in squares and threes

I mean the neanderthal got tall

got mean, I mean beautiful

brains too to boot

the kind that just shoot shoot shoots!

for the stars

in a free market bazaar

with a hypthocamus and Camus

on a campy campus

of ideals and reels and reels

of kicks so real

they got feet in ’em

beat in ’em

rhythm to shoes

like Smokey Waters got them


fishin’ for his B.B. Kingfisher

man we got us a ringer

pick your nose ‘n’

pick me a winner

be sure to fling ‘er

cause baby you got them roses

all over my baby cheeks, my toeses

mitosis of your spiritual love train

makes it on over

makin’ my body inside rain

Don’t feel no pain

you ain’t no plain Jane

to talk about you’re a



touchin’ my mind soul

for the very first time

I mean

you’re just like a prayer

of every hippie bitten hipster

I mean

you’re just like a prayer


by Helos and Eros

answered in

rays and arrows

shot down like this blackbird

spreads wings to fly

black hawk down

I gotta get off the floor

cause your tub thumpin’ bumpers

have just evened the score

Babe I’m wantin’ for more

as you’ve punch love drunk me

under the table

with your love potion #9

Seven ate cloud 9

#9 #9 #9 #9

#101 dalmations dormitories of the ill gotten

gotta get outta this jail

gotta pass that go

collect my $200

just ta have fun

Tha’s righ’ we’re playin’



cause you got a monopoly

on all my utilities


and boardwalks

Please put all your homes and hotels

on my avenure

Hell I’ll give you free parking

if you park it in my park place

this space is too blue

without choo

so roll me some doubles

but not three-

too many

I don’t want a visit

’cause sometimes, at some point

visiting hours are over


Our love is a board game

antithesis of boring, lame

in my book

please castle with this rook

I’m no cookie crook

I just want a

snookie nookie

play some hookie cookie

crispin’ glove her lover’s

a tough nutter

so billy box and rock hot socks

with your rockin’ sockin’ robots

got my head in a tizzy

up in the air



“thin lizzy pleazy lyzy wizzy mizzy”

gotta get green

gotta go hard

lean low

blow chunks of Mozart

softly through the ears

don’t wake daddy

this is the grape escape

to mouse trap

the words of my heart


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