Looking Down the Chamber of No Tomorrows

Smoking cigarettes on the rooftop to the tune of “No More I Love You’s”

in the rain




You know when I was young

I wanted to be someone

someone different

but somethin’ about growin’ up

scared the shit outta me



I just want my shut up take your nine to five

I don’t want the high life anymore


all I want to do is get some wife and kids and



with my retirement plan

and end my days as a no one

____________________no one

_________________________no one

a propos nothin’

I never got an education

just some American dream

and we all know where that one’s been

You know I got this tune in my head that goes-

goes anywhere day or night

___  anyhow wrong or right

so let me enjoy my selfish subtleties

I hope you’ve enjoyed this insomniac in solidarity

You see the moment I get into bed

I have this undenying urge to be somebody else

______________________ somewhere’s else

I got this shaky feeling I can’t shake

I bake it on 300 degrees

of separation now that I can’t take

And if I was that somebody out


I’m sure I’d be smiling

piling on the bullshit rivers that us men make.

Drowning in it, it almost seems like fun

a simple idea- what things matter-

mattered when they’re done.

I can’t recall the lessons of my forefathers so I stand here

beneath their shoulders

lookin’ up the skirts of every last enslaved grandmother

skeletal vaginas up and down the generations

looking rather white

looking rather fine

_________________…If you’re into that sort of thing…

It’s fine by me

__________it’s fine by me

____________________it’s fine by me

I’m just perusing

and I’m using of what’s left here in our ancestral home

it’s mostly wood

__ mostly stone

__ mostly brick

__ mostly bone

and your mother’s oldest stable

___your grandfather was it’s stable boy

lookin’ down on their descendent

_______some whiny bitch unstable boy

didn’t quite get the memo

to stay back up at the top

but falling was so good to me now you know

I’ve had no vertigo since the drop


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