Cover Letter for Rock Star

To whom it may concern,


One of the earliest memories I have is of my father, bringing home the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I recall such excitement at the time knowing that some kind of fun was on it’s way, however what my three year old mind could not possibly have understood then was the sense of “play” that gaming would imbue every corner of experience forevermore.

Over the course of my time with Americorps I have conducted a great deal of research on video games in hopes of empowering our nation’s youth and informing non-gaming adults about the positive side of video games.  What I found was that our gaming community was not “wasting their time” as many adults and non-gamers would have gamers believe but in actuality gamers were vigorously at work studying in a second tier of education.  My (ongoing) research has culminated in a number of teach backs and events most notably of which was a seminar I created entitled “Professor Oak: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Game.”  The seminar focused on three primary points; one, a data driven dispute of the claim that violence in video games creates violent individuals; two, a comprehensive analysis of the cognitive benefits from improved spatial reasoning to increased information literacy skills; and three, real world applications geared towards education including a list of appropriate games for kids that might not have been obvious educational choices.  All attendees have gone on to utilize this information within a classroom or after school program setting

Moreover I have a history of management in a number of creative fields.  As an experienced producer and director for radio and the stage I offer a unique perspective and tried and true skills in managing and directing multiple teams from the design team to the tech crew to the performers themselves to the marketing team to the front of house all the while cultivating and exploring partnerships both new and old such as venues and collaborating artists.  Delivering one whole vision effectively to the targeted audience is the acme of skill of a director.

Additionally as the Programming Director for the Winter City Year Camp in East Harlem I managed a team of 12 managers from three separate departments (arts, recreation and assembly) to develop over 30 lessons and presentations for 80 K-5 students.

In conclusion I believe that Project Manager for the Art Department is a suitable challenge for me, one that I can deliver on and one which will allow me to exhibit my internal and external management skills. You will find my resume attached.  Thank you for your time and for your consideration.


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