What to do?

What to do

When a dream leaves your grasp
A question haunting you
You who held it, felt it
What more could one
Such as yourself ask for
What fantasy could be greater
Realized in flesh before you?
What to do?
A question for you to answer
Else in a sleep you lose
The tangible before you
You once dreamed
My heart breaks for you my brother
A question for you:
A simple what to do
When a dream has been robbed of you
My heart breaks
Heavy lids lay long bitter shadows over our eyes
A shadow of a doubt is still a shadow
And properly we are sewn to our masters
The mover makers that turn the light to shade with
Passing positivity and I cut four lovely loaves
One for heaven
One for the earth
One for the poor
And one for those who have never been
Break our bread in the city lives
In between
The buckling of knees under the weight
Of a dream
May one so quickly be cut off
From the sustaining nip of a mother’s breast
Too soon cut off from the warm life milk
By the hammer of justice
Tip the scales back to balance
Return this man to his former form
Leave his reputation as it will
Let his good name tarnish only as it is abused and yet better for it
But let not judgement pass upon him as whom can rightly stand to be the judge of men?
Nor let his ears fly off and hear not sense
Nor let the eyes that see see less
Let not his heart sink and ne’er swim
My own could not stand the loss
No, let him be bold
Fie! And fight for his goal
A dream is not a thing so easy to catch
In your hand
Pray, if it must leave. Fight it tooth and nail
To the bitterest end
Where might you find a new truer dream
Or let the old one die
And let it go
Do not let loss be the seed of you
For all your fruits would sour
And for all your gains- none netted.
Hold your head high and bear the lash of the rack
Hold your head low in pious humility




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