A Self Summary for Online Daters

In the Spring of ’92 I was bitten in the wilds of New Hampshire by a radio active “Acting Bug” aptly named for it’s ability to emulate the behavior of other bugs. Since then I’ve been fighting crime with my newfound super powers.

After slamming Poetry in the fall of ’97 fatally against a wall in room 206 of the Heart Break Hotel I contracted terrible poetry writing, but don’t worry I got better.

Next I traveled to the distant future- the year 2008 – to battle my former sensei- The Dance Master.

These days I can be found meditating atop trees and mountains contemplating the nature of the universe and disguising myself as an ordinary citizen with an unchecked penchant for helping those less fortunate.

I also wear pants, which I am still very upset about.

Furthermore I am interested.
Still further you will find that I am interesting.
I also have no sense of humor.
Or arms. (the one in the picture is a fake.)

If you’re still with me here, you get a gold star for the day.


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