Story Suggestion Mar 16, 2011 – 12:08am

I immediately thought something should come to life, something akin to The Brave Little Toaster but perhaps an item with a little more utility, like a talking hammer that continually refers to getting “jacked” but whom has a pension for building the dream homes of the child within the upper middle class. Little do they know the hammer is also a loan shark, and is solely responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008. He is also a hammerhead shark, or was in another lifetime.This also might be too overdone…

My one other idea would be the picture perfect state of the art home with robots to clean up after you or fix minor repairs to doors and windows, one of which concludes, after becoming sentient, that the simplest way of maintaining a home and preventing the need for home repairs is to remove the human factor. Unfortunately it is only armed with wood glue, caulking, and other non-lethal materials making for a rather sad but altogether entertaining expose of the never ending nature of home repairs and a great parable of our inability as a species to coexist peacefully with any environment and that environment’s futile attempts to stop the coming onslaught of humanity.

I guess everything under the Sun has been done, but no one thinks to look into the Sun.

Goodnight and Good luck.


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