Ok. Cupid Draw Back Your Bow. A Message. #1

Dear Mademoiselle,
I am now entering into the selectively answered zone.

I will share one story.

As a child I frequented my father’s office, and his secretary always had a candy jar full of candy ripe for the plucking. Of these my favorites were undoubtedly tied between the Mary Jane’s and the Werther’s Originals. Although I always found the shape of the Werther’s quite original as a child and all together rather well put as far as candy goes. I also ruminated on how Werther should be spelt with a “u” instead of an “e” (Wurther).

If this marks the start of what Mr. Bogart calls a beautiful friendship I don’t know, I think he was referring to something far more lucrative if not fulfilling. Perhaps this might be the latter. Any how, I hope on this day of days it has brought joy or smiles.


PS: Please share the dance from the bedroom in the ballroom. You know it’s pretty damn good.


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