Morning Transition

The morning begins
Cemetery of smiles
Back to the grind
Public transport
Open eyes
Resting in motion
Just for a moment
Swaying with the cars
Don’t get caught
I hope I don’t crash
All aboard
Wide eyed at a morning sun
Eyes closed and it still shines through
My eyelids
There’s no hiding from the day
Holds her coffee
Another red’s out again
Or is it yellow?
White hot in the traffic stream
Yea it’s early
But we dead awake each day to greet our beauties
Don’t we
I wouldn’t believe it if it weren’t for my own eyes
That shrink away in years all dried up from it’s stare
I’ll never see anything but hit spots
Staring into the sun has taught me well enough.


Heading home
Part 1 has come to a close
You don’t need these things about you
You’re beautiful as you are
Hollowed out you’d make a great sound
But I prefer you fuller
Smile across the divide
Smiles on trains should beget more smiles



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