Wait what?

I’ve got a knot in my stomach and it kills me to be here, kills me to stand next to the wreckage of a once beautiful home and family.  Crying eyes bleed hearts like mine.  Can’t connect, can’t connect to this feeling of home, life in transition, naturally you don’t have one to call your own.  Just chill out, cool off and relax.  Melt into the chairs that counting by the hairs there’s not much left of what we used to call good old fashioned love making.  I mean my style’s way off whack, gonna have a heart attack-tack before I snag one in the sack.  Hittin’ the hay ground runnin’ not too much fun in an x-partner run-in, ‘cept for nostalgia sake, have to make that booty shake before I’m like to get my wang off, my jerk on, easy cookin’s a bitch, helluva slam dunk, in her sweet and juicy pussy pie, going half easy blowin’ sky high, ridin’ rockin’ rockin’ the boat, sit down girl sit down girl you’re rockin’ my world.

Sometimes it’s rather incredible the things that come out of my mind (not mouth, that’s rather unincredible, not to say that it is in the least credible, but sometimes, I get away with it.  Now this isn’t to say I am a liar, by all means I guard myself against all lies and less than honest behaviors at each and every moment, but I must admit to the enjoyment of telling stories, little fibs far to fantastic to be thoroughly believed by any person with more than half of a brain.  Which incidentally is far few than most would have you assume.  And as for assumptions… well that’s an entirely different story entirely now isn’t it?  Where was I?  Oh yes!  End parenthetical statement(s)).  I mean who would have thought that rap star would jettison his way out of my mind and onto a page of digital media.  They all seem to find their way into doing that don’t they?  I came here, sat down, and something struck me, not so much a thought as a feeling.  And man I’d love to get that feeling down, so far down that I shit it out tomorrow morning as some dark lump of coal that had been haunting my soul for quite some time.  Cursed?  Curses and all hell be damned, for I am not the wickedest of men, for I know where to stand.  (Here I go again!) (Here I go again on my own! Duh duh, goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known!  Like a twister I was born to rock alone!)  Ok it’ll stop there…  (Ohooh…  Damn…)


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