So I have come here to get down the Liquid Fusion of my every Fiber

So I came here to get down the liquid fusion of my every fiber, I had to tell you, more loosely, or rather quite loquaciously.  Anyway

I could no more text you the contents of my existence, for to do so would be false, I mean I couldn’t take a text you seriously no more than you can take a text me seriously, although I have plenty of text for you to look over, if we could get a minute or two alone

To talk text.  I mean for starters, the epic news of your introductory paragraphs have been unraveling within me orange and tangerine peelings of anticipation for your body paragraphs which I hear- are to die for.  I mean my main thesis here is a new theology of the theosophical, thespian coming of age in an unparalleled un-American paradigm which they’ve only begun to whisper of in The New Yorker just this last November, hardly journalistic I’d say but you call me for I’m not The New York Times, which, by the way, they are so yesteryear.

Anyway (not anyways, I’m not sure what to do with any ways) anyway, as I was saying, Migilla, here is trying to get me to play.  Well I just wanted to say hello from the other side of Michael’s Consciousness.  HI! (waves hello) It’s really great in here, I think he’s pretty wonderful, and incredibly obliging for the work we want him to do for us.  I mean I think it’s a lot, but I think he’s been pretty understanding of what we’re doing so far with him, I mean, it’s more of an it, I guess, from my perspective, these gender things don’t really matter, though I think your word for “it” needs some re-conceptualizing or re-lettering, but maybe if you’ve got “it” that’s cool too.  But no, I think everyone deserves a more beautiful pronunciation of what you really are, and I mean all of you, every single one, down to the tiniest or greatest of you.  You are just the most delightful playgrounds I have played on, especially Michael, I imagine there are plenty of others like him, well a few, not many in fact, maybe just one, but if it is just that one, don’t worry, because then you’re just that one too, and you’re pretty cool the way that you are and you don’t have to make any mistakes pretending that you made them.  Maybe lies are too harsh a word, perhaps clouds are too immaterial, but we’ve all felt obscured in some way, within the depths of ourselves, within the depths of these that have “it” maybe they are “ohm” let’s henceforth be known as such beautiful a sound as “ohm” though I will have to speak in “he’s” and “she’s” and “him’s” and “her’s” many more times.

You, you are a diamond a speck, each and every glittering one, in my night sky, and yet maybe also just one.  It is a rare chance one soul has to bow in prayer at the steps of another’s holy temple.  I bow across the seas, the land, sky and stars.  What a paradox it is to be at one time (and therefore- forever) in love, in the depths of that warmth and joy, and yet to be also thrust into the ever unknowing ness of space and time, along a journey whose end I will ne’er see until I am at that doorstep, for otherwise it would not be so joyous, and if I to had known it today, I should not want for it tomorrow.  I am deeply blessed, Michael is sad, troubled only by his own efforts to unravel a paradox, though also thoroughly pleased with the being you have become, and happy at your every happiness.  I am not Michael, nor is Michael Michael, off- skin, like an old one, a new suit is in town.  I am “Ohm” as it is yet unnamed, I am approaching a new title, with which to describe myself, more simply and yet more fully.  As you are no more you, than a text.  Even wrapped in a message, I would not take a word for you, any day, you are much too scintillating too desirous a, a, a something that could be called a word.  Rose, doesn’t even begin, smell as sweet as it might, it’s a rose they say, I call it flower, I call it lover.  Neither these nor any other, will make do for what, who,… you.

I just received your text by the way just now, so here’s my more direct and less immediate reply, to which you won’t hear til, well I imagine several days, if not weeks, (which by the way I don’t know how many days, poems, letters, weeks, might pass by before this actually gets sent out.  Maybe I should just send the first along and others- that is- more- after.  God I’m so in love with you it makes me sick.

Anyways (hey cut it, it’s ) Anyway, I am happy that Las Vegas is treating you well and it’s wonderful to hear that you share my affinity for nudity, though I think in that case it’s nakedness, I mean, if you have to peep.  Well then hey, you’ve got to peep.

Gosh damn it, I’m too darn cute, that’s where all the “darn’s” come from.  Anyways (Anyway) (Thank you) Anyway, I think that if I were to trip out on LSD with you or some other hallucinogen, I’d probably lose all control of every fiber of my existential being, (I don’t typically feel things in my in-existential self- I don’t know, I never met the guy) I mean, just a sheer brilliance, as though I were to stand- be – before the sun, no shadows, not even at my back, just encapsulated by just real true unmitigating brilliance.  I’d probably be dead within an instant, I mean at least with any modern day scientific logic (which, if you ask me is really boring and totally lame, If I can chill out with sun in her living room, and eat pie, yea, I’d have to wear sunglasses but from that distance I’d still want to look at her, damn dude she’s beautiful, so yea, major wag of the finger FUCK YOU like a punk rock rocker, that’s right a fuckin’ ROCKSTAR just hurtled you a nice punch to the nuts if you’re logic systems can’t handle my hangin’ with the sun experiment, better yet, let’s call it a fiasco, better yet let’s call it an up close and personal love affair, with all emotions hanging out and ugly and beautiful at the same time like tiny zombie medusa snake hairs radiating out of our very presence that hand out kisses and venomous bites of cherry gum drop feelings in your tummy or acid, or whatever might be really nice directly inserted into blood stream.  Yea those (which I’m totally down for) that help you hug even tighter, just coming out of my eyes, and toes so I can wrap around you more closely while you envelop me in flames.  You know what science, if I were to go like that that wouldn’t be so bad, buuuuuuuuut, and this is a big butt, I’d have to see some proper ID first and your license and registration for this logic you’re tryin’ pull on me here, you were goin’ a “high and mighty tall metal refractory wall” on a “groove lily” and round these parts that will not stand…  So how ‘bout you get me my cool hangin’ with the sun shades and we’ll call it about even.  Nice talkin’ to ya, you’ve been served.)….



I digress, where was I?



Scientific logic-

Well I’ve been charting a course around the month of May, no March, and there’s air- fare, what’s fair is fair, fair but that’s aside the point, (I thought I put you in the parentheses… wait no!) ari far’p ajidfpi[aspf[ jrasejfjaskdfjjas Azirsi sfare is fbrea syeond areis farisinreaslan asdas  iasreia fis ais fis lkmnlkj left handddedd you ahhhhh

Asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfadsf ase hhhhhhhhhhhhhgggfffddddssaaa


(You’re not a reboot!)



Ahhh, that’s better)

Wait hold on


That’s better.

I’d go.

I’ll save my pennies- which believe me- I’ve got pennies.

But I’ll save them.

For you.

It might be time to go to better



No I’m not sorry



Alright anways


Anyway I’m right here babe and I love you and this is too far and too little, but you’re keeping me alive each and every moment – not that I was in fear of dying, or being wasted, but – it is nice – It’s wonderful, and I feel renewed passion to undertake what I want to become – someday-  my – (maybe our) – nest.  I must get the old saliva ready so I can make these sticks and string stick together, if not by that then I know not by what else.  I like yours almost as much – saliva that is, a gallon of my saliva however terrible tasting is probably a lot – wait eeww I don’t wish mine or anyone elses saliva in gallons, I’m totally messing up this really cute euphemism with something GROSS!  Haha, or hehe.  Which ever text means laughing or giggling, which as I can tell by your face right now, you’re totally getting all mcgiggly over this whole thing, even getting grossed out by GALLONS OF SALIVA (damn that is not going to make a lot of sense, nor will it be very exciting when you quickly see it just as you begin reading this and can’t help seeing that, damn that’ll be awkward, good thing I’m already here, hehehe ( yea I think it is more of a hehehe, this one that is) (or the one before) Anyway) YAY!

Gosh I’m so embarrassing sometimes, just shouting YAY! Without any warning in a room full of strangers ooo I’ve gone Italic now, does it make me look more Italian?  I didn’t think so either.

Ok honestly, I’ve gone three pages of typing to you now, I think, yes, shit (oo bold!) I guess I’m on four now, and just seem to be shooting the shit.  Well I’ll let you off with a warning, because I think maybe you might want to read this sometime when you’re feeling down, to make more mcgiggling sounds or something of an equal or like nature.  And I want you to pucker up and blow me a kiss and feel so fucking jazzy and snazzed out like it’s your birthday but in Julyish weather (yea I still don’t get that, maybe he meant California/cation who knows) damn you reduce me to cursing the day I wasn’t planted in your shoes and being encased in a thin layer of your skin because if it feels as good as you wear it, damn that must be some good shit god gave you, dude won’t give me a break with all these cheesecakes and ragamuffins, listen you don’t want to hear me rattle on all day about it I’ll just tell you flat- he’s jewish – no really I saw his penis – BAM another smile! I must be racking them up today!  I feel so fuckin’ jolly about myself right now you cannot believe… well maybe the preceding pages (ooo bold italic!) will explain – no clarify – that for you if you don’t.  God you’re so fucking rad.

The cheezywits to my mcdugalheimer, man you can’t make this shit up it’s like Shakespeare, and dip, speaking of….

I can’t tell if I’m getting sidetracked from talking to you or with, either way is fine, whatever you’re sidetracking me from or whatever I’m sidetracking you with – no that doesn’t sound right – whatever – whatever – well.. you get the point.

I just want to be honest with people, an unprecedented honesty and commitment to my every living moment, in the way that I want to experience share with  you  /everyone  forever.  Or at least until the end of my moments, then I get to DIE!!!! Or go home!  How spritely seem my apostrophes! Just look at them!

Damn I keep rattling on, well, I’ll let you know how it all turns out, but I think I might turn the lights out now, I just hate saying goodbye I guess and I don’t want this moment to end with you in my arms, god you’re like butter and I’m some fine French cooking (or Italian- let’s say Mediterranean) and we should totally hang out in a dish some where and get cooked.  I don’t know if you’re that sweet cream butter or that herb garden butter, but either way I’ve got an appetite for some churned goods (I laughed too) (it was a good one, churned goods) (mmmmm) mmmmmm yea.  Mmmmmm.  Churn me some butter! (I laughed but now that sounds dirty, which makes me smile – maybe a mcgiggle, wait.. no (Sorry!)) ((No I’m not sorry!)) ((Sorry! Bad habit.)) ((!!!))  ok well

You get my drift- or not.  Of course I could just be on LSD.

Love ya!


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