Entering my decompression chamber
I find cobwebs on the floor
The key had rusted tight and locked
Within the keyhole of that door

I need my decompression chamber now
I need to decompress myself
You see I feel such pressures on me
That I fear i’ve nothing left

I just want to run down the street
And circle back round to the street that knows my name
Explore the place I hadn’t been before
And lay my head to rest upon my bed, my body’ll do just the same

I’ve got this decompression problem
That my decompression suit got all wrong today
The gauge is off and I can’t measure
The pace at which my heart will race away

Let the spirit works it’s way through you
Through you the decompressions gone
Slip away slip away the thoughts plagued you
You see your minds got it all wrong today

I’ll bear myheart and beat my chest
To show them what and why and who I care for
Beatings will only ever come to this
Playing keys breaking them like ribs

I have no more of these lost feelings
They’re only mine in each and every way
I let them fly away from me dear I let them fly away
I didn’t care where they’d go to or why I’ve none today

Singin singin singin
Singin some blues
For nothing much but the chance to
But the chance to sing them blues

I eat vibes
I devour children born
Of man
I envelop envelopes sealed with lover’s kiss
I seal away the heart that beats me everday


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