I’m not kidding either- chop ’em up

“I am too high” I laughed
In my head and quotated
There’s too much to do
And no time to know why

I’m assured by the song that I’m singing

Missed the last, moments of this evening
And in the fourth quarter
You feel so much shorter
The guys who fly up!
In the sky
Shooting and seeing
All the folks
Who see them there
A library is filled with meaning
They can come back if they choose
What when they lose?
I need new shoes

Arguing laughing
The patriots haven’t been good for a long time
As an icon
That you bet upon
I haven’t seen horses in winter
Flying down the road
To that outside town
To warn the bull RED
To warn the bull RED!
To warn the bull RED!!
Then I’m laying down upside up
Hold on

I’m letting go of the freedoms you have given me
I’m letting go of all the other things you say ’bout me
I’m holding on
I’m holding on
I’m holding on to the feeling of forgetting you

Eyes burn clay marks in my spine

Playdough and we’ll play it on
Down the river and you flopped four more
Then you ever with aces in a sleave
And Ace is high and can’t tell why
The potion was in the seive
And took it back and took it fast
It echoed down on market street
The designer shoes
And malt liquor blues
Rolled you down back to the store


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