Excerpts from The Cat Book

3/22/10 San Diego

Heaven Sent Desserts

 yes indeed

 wonderful bread pudding

 incredible even

 while the Beach Boys sang

 about how they can’t wait

 to get home

 A final practical joke

 is played

 You’re not feeling well today

 Almost feinted in class

 I am too

 and I can still feel like

 I feel it

 that feeling

 you tell me isn’t real

 that only I have

 so for better or worse

 I’ve said goodbye

 and I’m getting on a bus

 and not coming back

 because I can’t, not ever

 or I’ll die, fall, scrape

 my knee, heart or cry

 I’ll die inside for letting you back in after all this

 and I need that part of me

 I need whatever’s left

 right now, to make it back

 home, to keep my head

 above water,

 It’s time to go home, that’s what time it is explains the lucky #7 Bus Driver 

Now might be the time in the play in the movie when the bus is taking off and I’m rolling down the road all quiet like when suddenly

the phone rings

do da do do do da do doodley doo doo

 is it her? 

do da do do do da do doodley doo doo

 Where’s my phone?

 da do do do da do doodley doo doo

 and I pick up just in time and she’s crying and I love you and come back and I tell the Bus driver to stop and yank the chain until he does and I run and keep on running and catch the bus going back and to her stop and run up the street, in her elevator I can’t wait in the hall bang on her door and


 I’m out of minutes

 that’s all I had brought with me and there’s none left and my phone’s dead and off all lines of communication have been cut operator make no more connections disconnect them

Maybe tomorrow she’ll run up as I’m boarding the plane and tell me not to go, or she’ll come with even though she’s illegally parked and has no 

bags, and no clue what to do after that shining return.  But

her knees are bad, and she can’t run.

 And anyway this play doesn’t end that way, I’ve always hated Hollywood for their happy endings Especially Disney and War of the Worlds.  Too unlikely, too unrealistic, it’s not healthy viewing.  Today you learn reality with all the fixin’s that come beside. 

Traffic’s a bitch you know

 Bus stops are full of people all going to the same place, completely detached, trying to balance themselves alone, without touching, talking or making eye contact.  We’re all going home, together, but we forget that we are all brothers, sister’s, lovers, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, husbands and wives, we’re all human and scared to acknowledge what we share, because maybe it’s too much to bare, maybe it’s too intense, so we all just hold on for dear life each hoping on the inside that they’ll make it out alive, but no one will

because we’re all going home


on our own.


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