I want my Sidekick back…

I’m sorry Rose I haven’t been there for the trying times in your life, I turned tail and ran, for little reason more than the fact that you left and I missed you and wanted to fill your absence with something else.  I couldn’t can’t and won’t.  You shall remain a vacancy in my heart for a long time.

Karen made sense.

But I was always more interested in nonsense.

And that’s what you made to me- no sense.


How can I love this little red headed awkward turtle?

Why are you smiling so much?  Why does that make me smile?

Why are you so beautiful? How? “We like because.  We love although”

You take terrible self-portraits, and you are so god damned goofy.  And somehow that still seems to melt me.

Why are you the only thing that I want or care about? Why are you the only one I can be me around?  Why do I accept you?  Why do you accept me?  You are so awkward, I am so weird, yet we are both so full of life.  I remember the moment I knew I loved you, stealing honey, my little partner in crime.  I remember each hyphen.  I remember wanting you to be the mother of my children, I recall thinking if only you could surf I’d marry you, I recall countless times realizing you’re the one that got away-

When I despair I think of you, and only you

And then I despair I was not there

for you in your desperation.

What a terrible lover…


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