no just “Goo”, I went all squeemish and queezy at the obnoxiously unhealthy fast food engorgement. Your bladder is going to put such a hate on you and/or your friends as you pass massive gasses out buttholes all afternoon. You guys will be toot-tooting your rude fooding all evening and I pray I’ll have a gas mask for the occasion if not out of the irradiated radius.

I’ve been clean for about a year or two now and I’m never looking back.

The essence of Goo (often pronounced gyu) is that of disatisfaction, disgust or lack of appeasement. It is a noun to be used in regard to that which is distasteful (in the sense of the sense of taste) or reminding of an unpleasant gooey or gooishness. Most often “Goo” is an exclamation, the antithesis of an “oh my goodness!” “Awesome” or “Sick”

May you learn to use “Goo” well and excitedly.

Furthermore I wish both of you a really good apple and/or a peach/mango smoothie.

And may your internal organic processes be more forgiving of your sins than I.


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