Old Texts: I need a phone

I need to get a phone so that the soothing sound of your voice is just a few finger tips touching away, really just one as I hold down my number one more speedily dialing your digits across the space time continuum of my heart beating faster ringing will she won’t she ringing will she won’t she ringing will she won’t she- “hello?” my god, heart attacks my senses, the suspense almost killed me, even Hitchcock wasn’t this good, but the thrills oh the thrill of getting the chance to reply “uh… Oh uh, HI! uh umm hello” or singing out a bar of “I just called to say I love you” and hanging up but calling you right back while you’re still on the line and mail you every electron of my voice and apologize for hanging up so when I call you right back we can skip right to the good part “ummm so uh, how are you? That’s good -silence- ” feeling that dead air so I could put love and care there fill in the madlibs of our existence with little if’s and’s and butts verbose verbs i’dike to do to you and it’d be nice if you could do to me, nouns you could fill me in on every person place and thing that meant anything ever at any point in any way and to this day how you can’t stop to thinking how much you just want to say it “I love you” I’ll like an echo make you think your phones broke to hear me say it too maybe just one or too many times a day calling up to just talk with you


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