Old Texts: Apricots

I am so in love with you I cannot stand the
Minutes seconds hours
Days that pass by like snails before me they are as tortoises ancient in their shells sauntering slowly across the road as I respectively await their journeys’ end on the other side which ne’er comes because wishing only makes me wait longer and the wait makes me go wild in the jungle hoping that dreams may be filled as Apricots with sustenance among the trees and yet they ever dance before my hungry eyes just out of reach teasing my taste for satisfaction in this. There is only void out of which I feel a note, a light as though an angler out to catch a mouthful of life giving life a lone light steps out into the darkness and bids me venture on. The mouth that beckons me enter I know well, for tis sweet and sweeter still than any other and willingly follow awaiting the moment I might be swallowed whole.

I’m drunkish and wish only to fall asleep to you and your golden voice. All of my loving, Michael


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