Ring around the Rosy

Threatened with legal action for the first time in my life, man who writes this shit? Not I quothe the raven, nevermore. Speak
Hold back thy tongue silvered as it is and strike not with honest flicks, licks or sucking
Suck not the poison from the bite ov your viperous smile so I can lay down all fatigues at attention for my soul’s laying down of shells egg shells upon the floor
so you can walk around me
Don’t go through me
Don’t go over me
Don’t go under me
Must go around merry go round me
Always merry
Always christmas smiles like suns into a water basin
Vaporous dehydration
Drink up the life blood waters til you got none
I, Vampire
Get the garlic out, the boys are back in town
Legs out
Open and wide


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