Day 11: Things Happen


Isadora Riley Rose

Lincoln Darrow

Michael Thespis or Thespis Michaelangelo

Lord Kanti Ghandi

Long day went well. My dancers in the evening were phenomenal!
Going for an Illumian rogue/psion/monk = really helpful badass

I no run today, but danced to Human Wine at the Weathervane

Long day tomorrow, finish the film, d&d and reflections.

Reflections… Legal actions, maybe I acted in the wrong but perhaps it’s better that I did, pushed back or away, can’t take this, end it, cut it, out, with a knife, I don’t want to see love in all faces, not her, not her, not her. Admittedly I’m slightly innebriated and quite tired as I write this. Let me inform you of today’s lesson: make a decision, and stick to it.


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