Among the crazies

I see myself
Among the homeless
among the crazies
Jivin’ to my own tune

In San Diego
Late for the man’s schedule
I stop to examine my map
And I hear a song
Sotto voce
Across the way
I look to her
And know we are one
An old black woman
Singin’ soul on the street
A white boy in a kilt
Lookin’ for his
All he needs to know is he’s found it
Across the street
For a moment they
Eyes and joys
For a moment they
Waves and smiles
For a moment they
Each other’s hearts
And the old black woman
Never stops singing her song
She knows where she wants to be
She knows what she’s got to do
Just keepin’ an eye out there for
All the freaks and crazies
All the out of luckers
All the little people caught underfoot
All those lost souls looking for their own
And man if that weren’t the last train outa here
The last train outa dodge
I’da stuck myself right beside her
Or find my own little corner of the street
And make music

I see myself
Among the homeless
Among the crazies
Just jivin’ to my tune

But I do
Before my time is done here
In this sunny city
I gotta leave behind some soul
Let San Diego know
It can’t chew up a man and spit him out
“I’m still here you bastards”
Papillion cries
So in the midst of security I ask
“would you mind it terribly if I danced?”
And the badges can’t understand the question
But they give me a box to play in
A theater! I think to myself
And I dance amidst connections
Waiting for the next ticket home
I dance all our passtimes
I dance all my soul
The airport asks to report any suspicious behavior
Don’t worry I will
I’d like to inform you of this guy
Really weird, I’m kind of scared
he’s not dancing
And this other lady has too much baggage
And won’t leave them for a waltz
I dance through their insecurities and mine
And beleive me that’s a lot
I dance through their secure lifestyles and mine
And beleive me, their not
I dance through until I am an old man
Sitting in my rocking chair
How like a goat I am now
Just chewing and chewing grass
I get on all fours in the field and slowly
Let this trip come to pass

I see myself
Among the homeless
Those free of society
Among the crazies
Those free of inhibitions
Just jivin’ to my tune
Because it’s the only one that I know how to play


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