A greater

On passing moments
A love poem
A quickening
A heart around every corner
A soul at every turn
Shadow my eyes
Shades walk in the bright of day
I cannot recall this moment
I am waiting for that someone
In every conversation
In every look a gaze
I look in each, and always, places
Where you might be a dove
I once figured for in every and in each, always, faces
I look forward now not love
From pure sensory clues
I do not know the look, the touch, the taste, the feel, the sound
Of each and every, always, vibration
I cannot foretell
I can no longer describe the sensation
In my lungs
Of air robbed, stolen, broken into and looted
Of eyes and hairs well paired and well suited
I know not your color, shape and size
Your culture, ethnicity, talent or propensity
To give love as I do
I cannot force it
I must allow it to be a wellspring
Of a pure
A greater “I love you”


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