Graphic Sick

Sitting here sleepless, tired and completely done with love.

how dramatic of me.

but seriously, I see a man and woman kiss and instead of turned on,

I just feel so disinterested.

I don’t even feel like getting laid,

isn’t that the point?

There must be something more fulfilling than some beautiful woman’s

wet hot lips leaving light or deep impressions upon a neck

spiraling down across chest and arms,

til at last like a porn star, hands pull out those magic places

used in unison for unison

and while you choke on each other’s loins

I can’t help but choke on my own vomit

I’ve finally thrown up

this lovesickness

and I see it for what it is

a sickness

please don’t touch me

until you’ve washed your hands

don’t cough your springly airs on me

I’m not picking up that handkerchief you’ve delicately dropped upon the ground

because I saw you sneeze in it

I’ve got my own lozenges to soothe my throat

I’m drinking ginger ale and eating ice cream

because I can’t keep anything else down

dehydrated and writhing on the bathroom floor

if it’s not out one way it’s out the other

so fuck love

i’ve had enough of it’s infection

I hope I’ve demonstrated clearly enough, how I’ve needed to clear my throat of this disgusting disgust.

I’m going to bundle up now to break this fever

maybe I should be bloodletting, quick break out the leeches

let’s get rid of it quick

I hear it’s terminal

I’ll go bald for the chemo,

eat penicillin, I’m allergic, just to kill it

I see a leg and I double over

I see lips and mine go sour

I see eyes and I’m blind

gazing into my porcelain temple

I ready myself for a great expelling

I remember romance like two fingers to the back of the throat

and GO

and GO


until sweating I’ve heaved myself dry of it all.

And now a video…


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