Think Twice before Inviting

Dearest love, don’t invite me to your wedding, for I’m sure it would be beautiful and I’d only ruin it, dashing up inthe last moments, speaking else I’d forever have to hold my piece, speaking up and saying sorry sir to your handsome groom as I step between you and the rest of your life and bid common courtesy adieu, I do, I do, I do, I know not why but I do, and I know I’ve snaked this ceremony from a slew of family of in laws to be from you, but I must interrupt all lovey dicey feelings between you and whom ever else, while I look you in the eye and tell you there can be no other, forgo me I am alone, not even a man with out you as my lover. So don’t invte me to your wedding neigh even let me catch a whiff or I’ll make like a graduate and running from my dying car I’ll scream within the halls of your cathedral I’ll arm myself with holy crosses to break up any thought or idea that there could be anything else but you and I. We’ll ride a school bus together as though we don’t know what’s going to happen, and maybe we don’t, but please, don’t invite me to your wedding, or let me catch a whiff, else a disaster (me) will come to happen unless you want me to, for I will.


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