Eclipse my Sorrow

Sometimes I get these moments

insatiable urge to cry

is this happiness?

or my heart wrenching

until at last it dies

Pulled nervous stumbling

in two directions

naked souls seen through eyes

stripped down to it’s core

stare at me stare at me

stare at me more

Soft pens bright ashes

burn char fingertips

exacerbate and masturbate

the pain within

chattered teeth

toys without winds

wind up and out weigh peace of mind

for this humankin

Serendipity serendipitous

trip trickle down

never as you imagined

precisely what you forgot

Don’t, don’t, don’t mock me with silence

it’s the only thing I’ve still got

Do, do, do

peer into me

see me

view me


I am naked before you






do watch me

as I watch you

behind hidden stares

In the open

I’m scared

Strip me

unfurl my skin

peel off my rind

the juiciest parts

are left inside

It’s sweet, I’m sure

grows but once in a blue moon

red moon


-my sorrow with your reflective stare


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