No fear of Heights

Standing my ground for the first time in a long time if not ever, drawing a line in the sand and saying this is it, pushing harder, but not away, I’m sticking to my guns and it’s strange it doesn’t sting like it used to, runnin never did nuthin to keep me smiling on the inside. It is a glory to behold what it is that makes us alive and live in that living everyday in new and more wonderful ways than I had ever imagined. Still afraid you’re a failure? Well guess what- you’re not, let go of other’s successes and grab hold of your own. You are the beauty queen not the dropout, sure you’ve had to turn around but only so you could see where you’re going, it’s time for improvements and some upgrades. I’ve given you a light saber to lash out commanding words from proud mouth grounded in a strong heart and compassion for the real work at hand. “Push me push me” on my swing I cried, but I knew I could push myself much higher than any free ride, I just need to find the courage now to jump at that right moment, and you know I think I’ve got and I know just the moment too, right at the top of my forward swing, it’s more of a- release for full effect, greater distance and greater height, from such great heights of these I have no need of fright.


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