I meant it when I said “Goodbye”

I know what’s going on, I don’t even blame you, I understand, I am not of your life, and neither you of mine.

You came in looking damn good as usual, looking for answers, and I gave you what you came for.

You say you want more, so do I, how couldn’t we, but you don’t, really, not now anyhow, anyway

Sometimes in life we are lonely, and at those times we light a match, light an old candle, an old flame

to warm ourselves by in the bitter winter blues while life floats by outside unawares, with us unaware

don’t worry you haven’t broken my heart, I just, I just got my hopes up, again, don’t worry, it always happens

like this. I’m wide awake now, I can see where you’re going, and it isn’t with me, I know you won’t worry.

My road is taking me another way. I told you I knew it was good bye, not forever, not I’ll never see you again

but, goodbye, you’re gone, maybe you always were, I never locked your cage- I couldn’t, wouldn’t and won’t

Perhaps I’ll put it away now, not too many birds flying by these days anyway, anyhow, I know you’re happy

so, so am I. I’ve got works to do, in the library, unshelving some old classics, dusting them off

and making them new. I’ve got other things now, that take up my time, far be it from me to do that to you

so farewell my dear, I can’t hold you any longer, my arms are tired, I’ve just been embracing air there,

standing where I always have.


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