I desire commitment to a committed community living a desired life

What do I want?

I want my life to be depicted in deep moments beyond my present understanding, through dance in ways I’ve never felt before, to sing songs I have never heard before, to act out the transgressions of lives I have once or yet to live, to paint a world I have never seen before so my audience can savor every moment that has never been tasted an experience that had never been sensed or smelt before.  This is my Theatre of the Unknown, of truth and the laws that rule over interaction.  It must and will be forged in my own hands, in lands far and away from this humdrum place, a land of dreams, that we daily make and manufacture and on tours we’ll bring our stores of hopes and visions for once slumbering minds to pillage and plunder.  I carry fantasy upon my back and heave it down off upon a table for the masses I beckon it rise and dance for their merriment, sing for their entertainment and act out their deepest desires and most hated fears.  This is my Theatre of the Unknown.

I need a place to build it, and some strong and steady hands lend a hand or two to build the phantasmagorical land of woebegone nonsense and concrete dreams.  The Collective beckons you all, invites you to come play a part in the biggest game you’ll ever play, the greatest play you’ll ever enact, your own desired life.

So what to?  A 501k tax exempt nonprofit as The United States Government would call it, I’d say it’s just a damn good idea.  With our communal hearts, minds, hands and pockets I’m sure we can accomplish anything.  This is the way- together.  This is the time-Now.  Now for tomorrow will come too soon, and without preparation The Great Work will always be just around the corner, it’s zenith just above our reach.  And may it always stay that way.  But I do not want to always be planting gardens whose aromatic flowers I will never smell whose harvest I will never indulge in.  Johnny Appleseed must settle down somewhere along his road and plant his own grove to grow the greatest of his favorite fruit.  And with the golden apple he may set out again to share such a luxurious crop, but first he’d have his sup to ensure the quality of the treasure the core of which he’ll drop.

Therefore a board, of trustees, cabinet members if you will to create a new and separate legal “law abiding” entity The Collective will exist as a persons, place and thing.  Just give it time to grow.  I just need a committed few that as the moons wax and wane as the years pass us all by, we will do and do and do, until at last the ribbon is tied to be cut, the ground ready to be broken and struck, by a thousand shovels of volunteers volunteering their lives to a collected desired life.  If we can collect up all the desires in the world, we can create a new America, a land of your greatest opportunity and the freedoms we all desire.  It will start small but as we develop our own desires into the force of a contented people, happy in their fullness, others will come, and we’ll build again anew.

Then it is set, I must learn the laws that govern men, to profit enough to be clear of profiting men,


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