Wanted: Words

Could you pass me that New York Times crossword?
I’d like to add it to my piles of Williams, Wadsworth, Yeats, and Longfellow
Oh and can you teach me French?
I’m still trying to pick up Spanish, and I’ll soon move onto Italian.
I’m afraid this little vocabulary of mine is so ill equipped to pay you proper homage, I’m planning on expanding my capacity to clearly define, to more appropriately pin down your exact incandescence. I’m afraid English will not do either so I am hoping the romance languages in unison can lend a hand to begin my prologue. From there I will set aside all other things to learn what ist to be a linguist of all the languages of all the world and take from each the most beautiful sounds and descriptions man has come up with thus far. Then I will to heaven set my sights and steal the words from angels mouths and what the goddess there doth claim as holy word I will snatch up and place inside my bag of lingua, then on to space the final frontier and visit all the realms, planets and dimensions beyond the cries that one can even perceive and this will be the meat of my measures. Though to conclude you I will emit sounds that have ne’er been heard by human ear, I will invoke the same spirit name of my soul and in naming it it doth leave me to do withal what you will


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