Where doth Life Lead?

Where does life go
after it leaves you lemons?
I’ve no juicer to make lemonade
maybe I’m just a kid pouting
that he doesn’t know how to make it
I feel so hollow so empty inside
as though that which filled me with such unrestraint
I don’t know
is gone
or something
I’m so disillusioned
I feel as though I’ve been walking in Wonderland
never realizing how twisted it’d be
I thought I wanted that
I thought I wanted a world upside down
I do
I do
but now that my world is upside down
I just want to make some sense again
want some clarity again
about what I am to do
Do I go here?
Do I eat this?
Who do I even want to become?
I want to change the world,
and I thought I could by building a new one
but I’m not an architect
I’m not a builder
I am a man whom still plays pretend
why cannot I be happy in this
my sacred path
why cannot I be happy with my own foolishness
the fool knows he’s a fool
the wise man cares not

How does one carry on all his life
with so many plans, so little to do
so few plans, and so much to do
I cannot procrastinate life
what a Hamlet am I
to ponder death before knocking any door
window of opportunity
how fearful I am of them opening up and seeing me without a face or pose
flamboyant hermit
puts on a show for trees
and birds and squirrels
but ne’er my fellow people- I feel too shy

Away you thoughts of lonely moments, bitter futures
and loathsome regrets
I’ll not live my life by thee
and do offer mine own love to me
which can sustain me, as long as I share this love
with all things


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