The Ballroom of my Imagination

The Ballroom of my Imagination


Subtle moments in the morning
wake me from an evening’s slumber
I disembark from the bed
fueled by steps of legged lumber.
Walk down stairs I find my cue
reach back into my head
pull out a nail- no- a screw!
with quiet drill a managed hole
that out squished me like spaghetti do.
Heavy feet walk down a step
yet softly do they meet,
such grounding floors
‘ere dost toes and boards like lovers greet.
and slide along these slithering snakes
grabs and pulls t’wards vested spots
coils vibrations down around
each kick, ball change, heel the earth has sought
What a butter me that swoons upon impassioned pan
I feel my arms dive down and reach, and reach
resting neath the o’erhang
-ing ceiling, such praises- preach!

I prance on with such wanton face

But nary I, of sound do make

He, who ninja dances best,
alerts no foes, and none awake
in resting rooms below
nor will drousy, droppy, drooping eyes

Do e’er but make peace.

Cut out thy tongue o lonely stranger,

Stop and rest awhile.
the sandman hath just only sown the eyes.

Like Fires! My bones do rattle, true
‘gainst meat and mind, like bricks in stove
permeate the sweetest stench
of perfumes stunk of love

One such performance due
to the only truest use of “You”.

I dance as one with one- no one
that one someone no one can see
the best of partners in all my dreams

follows where e’er I lead

dips, dives, downs, flips, flirts

though ne’er doth fall
holding near- so very dear

Never danced better than with foolish fantasy,
dancing when there’s no one here, no one at all.


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